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Established in 1999, AST Travel has gradually affirmed its position in the ticket industry. Achievement is established with a series of awards throughout more than 20 years:

  • A member of the IATA International Aviation Association.

Certificate AST Travel is the official agent of IATA 2020 

  • Is the official agent of nearly 80 domestic and international airlines including : Vietnam Airlines, Vietjet Air , Jetstar, Bamboo, Cathay Pacific, Singapore Airlines, Thai Airways, Qatar Airways, Emirates, American Airlines, Ana Airways, Air China, Asiana Airlines, Garuda Indonesia, Eva Air, Delta Airlines, China Southern, China Airlines, Qantas, Lufthansa, Japan Airlines, Air France, , Shanghai Airlines, United Airlines, Turkish Airlines, Lion Air, British Airways, Royal Brunei, Hongkong Airlines, Philippine Airlines, Malaysia Airlines, Air China, Etihad, Korean Air,... and a series of other Airlines. 

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