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Hang dơi Kho Mường - Sơn Đoòng của Thanh Hóa

Trên hành trình chinh phục đỉnh Pù Luông hùng vĩ, ẩn sâu giữa đại ngàn của thiên nhiên thơ mộng xứ Thanh, có một thung lũng rất đỗi hoang sơ và mộc mạc mang tên Kho Mường.

On the journey to conquer the majestic Pu Luong peak, hidden deep in the midst of the poetic nature of Thanh, there is a very wild and rustic valley named Kho Muong. Just as beautiful as the terraced fields in the Northwest highlands, Kho Muong village, Thanh Son commune, Ba Thuoc district becomes an attractive destination for nature lovers and passion for exploration..

General introduction about Kho Muong village

From Canh Nang town, Ba Thuoc district, going northwest around the foot of the mountain to Kho Muong village, Thanh Son commune about 30km. The village is located deep in the core zone of Pu Luong National Nature Reserve, separated from other villages in the region, less affected by human impacts, so it retains its inherent poetic beauty.

The road to Kho Muong is a winding and unfinished arc, one side is a cliff, another is a deep abyss with endless terraced fields and vast forests. This is a road with a beautiful natural landscape but it is also easy for many people to "falter" because of its difficulty and danger, which is a challenge for "adventurers" who like to explore this place.

The village of Kho Muong also has a Thai name, Hua Muong. According to the people here, explain: "Kho" means the root, "Muong" is the village. "Kho Muong" is the first place that people set up their business in this area. About 300 years ago, some people in Lung Cao commune went hunting, found this valley quite flat, with abundant water resources from streams, so decided to come here to do farming and create a village. poetic, rich as today.

Sights of Ban Kho Muong

  • Original Thai version

This place is almost separate from the outside world, there is a simple Thai village, a system of caves, amazing rock streams that those who come once will remember forever.

Viewed from above, Kho Muong appears with the simple and idyllic beauty of stilt-house neighbors lying near the foot of the mountain next to rice fields, corn fields, and cassava fields. Most of them have straw roofs, palm roofs with cattle and buffalo stables underneath, while people sleep above as a tradition from thousands of generations. In front of the stilt houses are gentle terraced fields. Surrounding Kho Muong is a vast green color of pristine primitive forests like embracing and protecting villages. All appear as a picture of the place "heavenly fairyland".

The simple folds of the stilt house are peaceful among all things, heaven and earth
Kho Muong valley is a relatively flat area, about 280 hectares wide, and is home to 60 households of Thai ethnic group, with 230 people. Running along the valley is a stream providing natural water for households to live and cultivate. People in the village mainly make a living by growing rice, corn, and cassava ... the products they make are also only for daily meals. Thanks to what nature has endowed in favor of, people know how to invest in building spacious stilt houses to welcome tourists to visit.

The best time to explore the beauty of Kho Muong is around May and October, in the season of ripe rice. At that time, Kho Muong village rice fields were golden yellow, rich and warm. Surrounded by green mountains and forests. The colors of life create a magnificent and impressive picture, looming in the distance is the three-roof stilts difference between the mountainside. Next to the simple and rustic house-style, the smell of new rice spreads, blending with the fresh scent of straw, a passionate, reminiscent of love, only available in Vietnamese countryside.

Kho Muong - Ripe rice season

Coming to Kho Muong Pu Luong village, visitors can admire the natural scenery, experience, learn about the culture and customs of the Thai people, immerse themselves in the folk life, enjoy the dishes. Traditional food rich in forest flavors such as: Rice Lam, Banana Flower Salad, Bitter Soup, Corn Wine, Pickled Pickles and Boiled Duck Meat ...

Enjoy wild banana flower salad when visiting Kho Muong Thanh Hoa
  • The grotto bat ( Grotto Kho Muong)

Located in a population of caves discovered in Pu Luong - Thanh Hoa Nature Reserve, Hang Kho Muong has now become an attractive destination, reminding people of the feeling that this place is like a resting land. , a mysterious cave is forgotten.

Road to Kho Muong Grotto

The entrance to the cave is a rocky dirt path covered by forest trees. Make up the bat cave is the towering limestone blocks, formed about 250 million years ago. The cave is related to the underground river system with a length of about 2.5km to the north and carries water from Kho Muong to Pon village, Lung Cao commune. The system of rivers and streams flowing in the cave is a known common feature of the Kart rocky areas, it creates the connection between the valley valleys by the connection of the currents.

The entrance to the Bat Cave is steep and slippery, with rocky outcrops, threatening to challenge. The stalactites from many generations have been engraved with countless strange shapes, human figures, tree shapes, to beasts. Passing through the slippery cliff, the deeper you go into the cave, the more visitors will be able to admire the colorful rocks, listen to the water dripping down from the stalactites like from afar, the more you feel. every step I take more and more excitement.The green cliffs in the cave are home to many species of bats

Kho Muong cave is also home to many types of bats. At least 4 species of bats reside in Kho Muong Cave at different times of the year. Among them are insect-eating bats and fruit species. They are very important in the transmission and control of pests.

On the journey to discover Kho Muong village, visitors can visit places around Pu Luong natural reserve such as Mo Waterfall, Dien Ha Dam, Thac Hieu (Deer), Suoi Ca Than Cam Luong ... to Have a fun and complete holiday with family and friends.

Notes on entering The Grotto bat Kho Muong:

  • Comfortable, well-absorbent, walking, sports or hiking shoes 
  • Bring medicine, sunscreen, antifungal, anti-insect medicine to explore the forest. 
  • Should check the weather a few days before the trip to avoid rain. 
  • You should spray insect repellent before entering the cave to avoid affecting the ecosystem in the cave. 
  • To preserve the unspoiled beauty of the cave, remember to take care not to litter indiscriminately and touch the stalactites.

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